Plantation Personal Injury

Accident Attorneys Representing Plantation Victims

Located in Broward County and the Miami metropolitan area, the city of Plantation is famous as a setting for several notable films and the home of many professional athletes and other celebrities. Its name originates from the Everglades Plantation Company, which historically owned the land where the city’s 90,000 residents now live. Still, even in a beautiful place with a colorful history, accidents such as car crashes, slip and falls, and boat accidents happen on a regular basis. The knowledgeable Plantation personal injury lawyers at Cohn & Smith can assist you in pursuing fair compensation if you have been hurt due to another party’s negligence.

Pursuing a Negligence Claim for Compensation

If an individual, business, or governmental entity fails to act in a reasonably prudent manner, innocent parties may be harmed. A person who is hurt in a devastating accident has a right to seek payment for their damages, such as lost wages, pain and suffering, and medical expenses, from a defendant whose breach of a duty of care proximately caused their injuries. Families who have lost a loved one may also seek compensation for their loved one’s wrongful death, although the damages that the family or estate may seek are somewhat different than in a personal injury case and may vary substantially depending on the situation. Our personal injury attorneys can help Plantation victims and their families assert their rights in negotiations and litigation.

Regardless of whether a personal injury claim originates from a motor vehicle accident, a slip and fall, a cruise ship accident, an act of medical malpractice, or another type of incident, a person seeking to recover damages has the burden of proving their case by a preponderance of the evidence. In doing so, the plaintiff may use a wide range of witness testimony, expert witness testimony, and documents and other physical evidence.

It is important that a plaintiff in a personal injury lawsuit be aware of certain procedural issues, such as the statute of limitations and any notice requirements applicable to their particular case. For instance, after a car accident, an injured party generally has four years in which to file a claim. However, if someone is killed in a car accident, the deceased person’s family or estate has only two years in which to file a wrongful death action. If a governmental entity is to be named as a defendant, there may be a requirement to file notice within an even shorter time frame.

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer in the Plantation Area

In addition to making sure that a claim is promptly filed, a skillful attorney can also help the plaintiff investigate their case while the evidence is still fresh. This may be critically important because, over time, witnesses’ memories may grow dim or confused, and physical evidence may disappear, gradually devaluing the plaintiff’s case. If you or a loved one has been hurt due to someone else’s careless conduct, the Plantation personal injury attorneys at Cohn & Smith can help you get started on seeking to hold the responsible party accountable. Call us at (954) 431-8100 or contact us online to schedule a free, confidential case evaluation. We can represent people who need a car accident lawyer or assistance in any other type of personal injury or wrongful death claim.